Week 5, Peer Review #2 – Jessica Welford

I completely agree with this post. Austen’s didactic texts are directed towards the female audience, rather than a male one. Her common themes throughout her oeuvre definitely promote her favoured way of life. She shows her readers, female primarily, through the actions of her heroines and peripheral characters alike. In Emma’s wrongdoings and enlightenment found through realisation of her mistakes, Austen advises her audience on how and how not to live. As you said, Chapter XI definitely captures this. I really enjoyed your comparison of the traditions and way of life in the 19th Century, rather to contemporary society. The need to marry in order for a ‘complete’ and happy life is definitely an outdated custom.

Link to post: https://jessicawelford.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/blog-2-week-4/


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  1. A good supportive peer review Victoria. Where possible make creative suggestions for improvement.

    * In Emma’s wrongdoings, and enlightenment find through realisation of her mistakes,= This doesn’t make sense. Read it aloud and see if you can fix it.


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