Week 6 Blog, Creative

CREATIVE Write a thong, thung by Mr Thleary, about how he thinkth people thhould lead their liveth.33.jpg

Image from: http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/dickens/diniejko.html

Come hither my dear lithenerth,

For Thleary knowth the go,

For he ith Dickenth’ mouthpiethe,

He ith alwayth in the know.

Hard work ith number one, 

Having a retht ith number two,

We work hard to get thingth done,

But through all, what we do ith true.

We work to make a living’

But that’th not what life’th about.

Itth your mum, you dad, your thithter

Who you couldn’t go without.

We an’t to work ath machineth,

Tick-tick-ticking by the hour.

No, that life’th not good for uth!

It turnth you rotten, lemon-thour.

In everything that you do,

You thhould never, not once, forget,

The birth of your originth,

For it ith thomething never to regret.

For, it’th you, your family, your home,

The eththence of who you are!

Without it, you are empty,

Never to prothper, or thhine like a thtar.

Try your betht in everything you do,

Earn your keep fairly,

And when you retht, enjoy it!

You’ll be grateful, thquarely.

They can’t be alwayth a learning,

nor yet they can’t be alwayth a working,

They mutht be amuthed,

Or trouble’ll come lurking.

Image from:http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/dickens/diniejko.html


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Blog, Creative

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  1. Victoria, well done on this phenomenal blog! I love the fact that you wrote this with the language we studied in tutorials. I can see from that alone that you have put a lot of effort and time into this creative piece of writing. I definitely wouldn’t have thought of this idea so I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you had to say. You are an encouragement to people to think outside of the box and to truly be creative. You have shown an accurate understanding of Sleary’s character and successfully depicted a clear image of work, family and home. I am glad I chose to look at your blog site this week.

    Well done! See you in class.


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