Week 7 Blog Post: Art Gallery, creative

Select any one painting explored today and describe it creatively in either prose or verse, bringing all its details into focus.Image result for eugene von guerard milford soundMilford Sound, Eugene Von Guerard (1877-1879)

One painting that stood out from my visit to the Art Gallery NSW was Eugene Von Guerard’s “Milford Sound” (1877-1879). This undeniably romantic piece, with its focus on the beauty of nature, offers great insight into the human potential nature allows us to achieve.

Place yourself in the painting. As you inhale, you’re hit with the sharp, fresh air. The cold slightly burns as you breathe, but it’s an enlivening burn. Your spirits awaken, everything is refreshed. As you take a step towards the water, your boot crunches on the pebbles bellow. You take it in: the warm brown of the earth beneath your foot, the glistening dewdrop on the shrubs’ leaves. You look out to the water, and see double: the mountains flipped, double the height, double the beauty, double the magnificence. In the mountains’ grandeur, you feel insignificant.  What are you, a mere 5’3″ human in comparison to this immensity? The sun casts its rays and lights up the mountains. The peaks shine, the grass gleams. The clouds above do not shadow this beauty but magnify it. For, between those clouds, in the gaps where the blue is clear and hopeful, we see that nature extends into something more. The gushing of the waterfall to your right brings you back from your daydream, and you focus in on the noise. It is a deafening silence, where all you hear is yourself. Your thoughts are louder than ever, and you are forced to reflect, just as the water reflects the mountains, and the sky reflects the water.

This is a Romantic beauty.


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  1. Hi Victoria,

    Your creative description of this painting is superb! Your excellent use of word choice and sentence structure built a lot of imagery which made your blog very engaging to read. I think you’ve explored the intent of this painting which is to show how humanity can be so insignificant to nature, and yet they exploit it through deforestation, plastic waste etc., all for commercial gains. Humanity needs to acknowledge the fact that they depend on the planet in order to survive and it is not the other way around. Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this week, keep up the fantastic work!


  2. Hey Victoria, I love this entry! You did a really great job describing the painting as well as allowing me, the reader, to step inside and experience the scenery. You also expressed the message behind it beautifully, which is to emphasize the beauty of nature as well as allowing humans to be mesmerized by it and find serenity. This inspired me a lot with my entry because I almost chose this painting as well, and I can really relate with what you have written. Keep up the great work!


  3. Hey Victoria,
    You have transcended the artwork, transporting the reader to Milford Sound itself! Such is the power of representation. Standing in the NSW Art Gallery we observed a location far away in geography and time. Yet you have connected language to this portrayal of nature. Visual art becomes written narrative! I love a good adaptation. Well done!


  4. Hey Victoria,

    It seemed to me that you really enjoyed this artwork! Your description of the painting is superb. It really took me on a journey through the work and heightened my senses. The way you describe each detail of the human experience fascinates me. The style of writing in which you have written this also resonates well with me as I feel that it is similar to mine! I have really enjoyed this blog entry and do hope to read more in due time.

    Keep up the great work!



  5. Hi Victoria,
    i have been lucky enough to travel to Milfourd sounds, my experience was slightly different to the one you described but extremely close. Your blog this week really reveals an extreme level of passion for languange, colour and visual experience. The sensory experience that is imploded onto the reader within this week’s blog post is utterly satifysing and enjoyable. I feel this is mainly because of your close petrayal of nature within the painting, overall you have brought to life an experience

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