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Write a letter to any one of the following four characters telling them what you think of their choices in chapter 19 of the novel: Godfrey, Silas, Nancy and Eppie

Dear Godfrey,

Eppie is a wonderful girl. She has grown to become mature, loving, caring and open to all people, no matter their walk of life. She has come to love Marner. She has come to love the working people. She has come to love her simple life. It is obvious that this need to have her in your life is not a decision based on your own want. You do not want her because you love her. Nor, do you want her because you feel it’s the right thing to do. More so, you want her to want you, to fulfil the hole that your negligence has dug in your soul. This request to have her live with you and you be her ‘rightful’ father, is not out of love for Eppie, your biological daughter, but out of love for your wife. Nancy cannot have children. I feel that knowing you have conceived a daughter and not included her in your life has deprived Nancy of a potential stepdaughter. Godfrey, you could provide Nancy with a daughter, but you would be tearing away the daughter of Marner. Yes, she is a product you have manufactured, but she is not a daughter you have loved.

In your avoidance, spurning, ‘if I pretend it’s not there it never happened’ attitude – whatever you want to call it – you gave Marner life, hope and spirit. You gave him gold. To forcibly remove someone’s gold, you must never have held such prize yourself. Whilst your choice is simultaneously selfless and selfish, it still is not one that affects only yourself. Selfless in the way you are going through the actions for Nancy. Selfish in the way that you are taking the joy of a man’s life away from him. Even worse! You are doing so through bribery! Flaunting your materialistic goods is a shallow way to allure someone into your home. You may be able to attract a bird with shiny objects, Godfrey, but you cannot win over the heart of a child with luxuries.

Please do what is right, and respect the child’s wishes. If Eppie wants to engage and connect with her biological father, then that is great. I would be immensely happy for you and Nancy. However, if she feels that her foster father’s love is too well-earned and shows her loyalty to him, then you must not be angry. You must understand. If I am wrong, and you do love this child, then you will respect her wishes and love for a distance.

Perhaps one day you will find your own gold.

Best wishes,



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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Wow! I also choose this question and the character but our responses are done in a way which is unique to our writing styles.
    With every word and new idea, you bring up it all flows. I really applaud your mention of “Yes she is a product you have manufactured, but she is not a daughter you have loved.”, because for some reason I don’t even think Godfrey Cass sees the damage he has caused in this little girls life and his own by not claiming Eppie as his own. Instead, she’s been yearning to feel that masculine hole inside of her that she finds in Silas Marner.
    Your concluding paragraph is structured in a way where you are looking into Godfrey’s mind and forcing him to hear what you’re saying. He has done the wrong thing but he now has to live with the consequences of his actions.
    Maybe, you could of adding a picture but I don’t really think it needs one as your words are already so vivid!
    You’ve done a fantastic job!!


  2. Hi Victoria,
    Wonderful blog this week, you really captured the essence of Silas Marner and how the working class does have a more clear insight into the purpose and meaning of life. I did the same question as you this week; but I chose to write to Nancy. One thing in particular I enjoyed about your post was the ironic use of gold in the way you describe Eppie as the gold that Godfrey gave to the poor. This image reminds me of Robin Hood as he takes from the rich and gives to the poor. The false idea of Godfrey’s “fatherhood” is an interesting concept that show portray in your blog. Your structure is precise and clear making your work easy to follow. Like stated before from Annaliese, an image would be nice but apart from that, your blog this week was a joy to read.
    Keep up the good work.
    Riley 🙂


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