Peer Review, Wk 10, Danielle Gatt

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The Question: Describe a moment in your life where, like Marner you have been horrified, shocked by the loss of something that has been desperately dear to you. (In Marner’s case it was his gold)

This was an extremely captivating piece. Perhaps because I feel you described a similar situation to my own during high school. You set the scene impeccably. This notion of pride is an extremely dangerous one, and I like that you capture the cockiness that it leads to. Having completed Ext2 English as well, there is a certain amount of expectation. The expectation for you to receive good marks, but as well as you ‘expect’ to receive the best marks. When this isn’t the case, there is nothing to describe that gut wrenching feeling. This was extremely emotive. I was completely shocked coming out of your piece. Thank you for this reminder. It is definitely a warning to head.

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