Week 12 Peer Review, Tara Michelle Briggs

QuestionIn your own words explain what you sense is the real difference between the fictional worlds of George Eliot, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

Hi Tara, I feel like you captured the different between these authors extremely well. I particularly liked your analysis of Eliot’s work as being concerned with what it is to be human. I find that Eliot captures the most important issues of humans. You still maintain to celebrate the authors whilst analysing them which is good. Many people tend to ‘knit-pick’ the authors and in doing so put down their work. Your concluding statement, which I 100% agree with is probably my favourite: ‘All three of the aforementioned authors are noteworthy, interesting and important. Whilst they express differing views and fictional worlds, all contain intelligent ideas which maintain relevance even in a modern context.’ I enjoy this because that’s what makes these authors so remarkable: their ability to withstand the continuum of time in capturing the essence of human nature. This makes them just as relatable now, as they were in the 19th Century!

Good work.

Link to post: https://taramichellebriggs.wordpress.com/2017/05/08/blog-7-topic-1/


One thought on “Week 12 Peer Review, Tara Michelle Briggs

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  1. Very nice emphasis in respecting the differences between authors. Good supportive peer review too.
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    * captured the different between these authors- captured the DIFFERENCE between these authors


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